book cover mockup design.jpg

The image you see above is part of a project I worked on as a member of UTM Scribes. "Scribes Slate" is their annual book which includes a collection of poems, short stories, and also illustrations from various students around campus. 


As their graphic designer, I was tasked with redesigning their cover for their upcoming issue (3rd volume, 2018). The previous two designs of the cover were very similar and overall the group wanted to do something different that year. The main thing that they told me was that they wanted to still include the feathers on the cover, mainly for consistency sake.

The image you see above is the 2nd edition of the book and as you can see it is very different from the third edition (which I designed). The first one was also fairly close to the second as well. 


I was personally not a fan of the design on the second edition, especially with the inclusion of the feathers, and I mentioned this to the group and said that even though I did not like the previous design and the fact that we were going to use feathers again, I would do my best to create something that both I was proud of and also, still feels consistent with the overall lineups of each edition of the book.


As you can see from the final product, the cover took a big change in direction, in terms of the design, but as requested from the beginning, stayed consistent with the theme and styling elements. 


My main goal with this design was to make the overall look and feel to be very calm and delicate. I used different feathers in the design and kept the colors very minimal and gray tone.  Compared to the previous edition I think the cover is much cleaner and more pleasing on the eye to look at. It is also not as busy. I added the silhouette of a tree in the background, alongside some blossoms on some of the branches. This not only added some color to the cover but also reinvoke the fact the book was being released during the Spring. 


In the end, I am very proud of this design and after going through many different iterations, I think the final product turned out very well. I also think that the redesign worked out well because even though it is different from the previous edition, the design still included the feathers and that way it made it feel very much as apart of a series compared to the other "Slate" volumes.