These character designs are part of a freelance project I worked on near the end of 2017, for about 5-6 months. "The Movie Trivia Schmoedown" is an online game show (on YouTube) related to movies and for movie fans. The show had (has) a fairly large Facebook fan page and during the summer of 2017, one fan had decided to create a website by himself, in order to have an easy and accessible way for fans/viewers to play "fantasy" as the show went one.


The fantasy aspect was something that had started the year prior and was basically what you see with fantasy sports leagues (mainly football). The site was meant for a place for viewers of the show to log onto, make leagues/teams, choose characters and based on the actual characters' (contestants) performances throughout the year, they would get certain points.


The fan who was creating the website had asked on the Facebook group if anyone wanted to help him out in any way.  I was an avid viewer and a fan of the show, so I emailed him and let him know I was good at graphic design and after a couple of emails back and forth, I agreed to design characters from the show for the website. For example, when people are choosing characters to join their team for the fantasy league, instead of just seeing a name, they would also be able to see the character icons that I was designing. 


The contestants on the show were mostly either online movie critics, reviewers, or had some form of show or podcast related to films/TV on YouTube. Most of them also had unique characters and that is where most of my designs started to come about. In all my designs I either designed exactly what the person looked like or represented the character they were acting as. 

As you can see most of the characters above look like the images beside them, except for the bottom right. This was the case with a bunch of people I designed. The person on the bottom right is Sam Witwer, who has voiced the popular Star Wars character, Darth Maul in the animated shows. He has appeared on the Movie Trivia Schmoedown a number of times and when designing his character icon, I said there is no better design, then to do a Darth Maul face.


Overall, I designed around 100 characters and you can see some of them below as well as the ones you have already seen above. Unfortunately, the fantasy site, which was created by the fan is no longer up because, after a large number of initial sign-ups, there was not much interest (and also not as many fans) to join the site, especially for a fantasy related one. 


To learn more about the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, click on the button below to visit the official website of the YouTube base show.