The first set of posters below are apart of a final project I worked on during my grade 12 year. We had the ability to choose any kind of project we would like to work on (within reason), and my choice was to create a series of minimalist movie posters.


The reason why I decided to design movie posters was mainly that of my love for movies in general and pretty much all the posters I did design were either some of my personal favorite films or films that were either popular or had just been released around that time (2016).


When designing these posters I had one main design choice I wanted to keep consistent for each poster. It was to include some form of an icon or a recognizable symbol from the film on each poster in a way that if the title of the film was not included on the poster, people would still be able to easily guess what film the poster was for. And also to keep the posters minimalistic, I used a lot of white/empty space and tried to not crowd up the posters with too many elements or colors.


This is one of my personal favorite projects I have worked on as well as some of my favorite designs I have created. These posters were printed and put on display during an event at the end of that year.